Sunday, August 26, 2007

Content Management

Just put out a plea from Techtwaddle - but wonder if the readers here would also like to participate?
All summer I have been studying the different Content Management Systems for a change to some of my sites. I have decided on Joomla - wondering what opensource systems you are using and how you feel about them.

I now use Metadot (school) and do not like its sluggish load time - also not a big fan of Perl (probably because I just don't understand it well enough).
Also use Wiki's and Blogs - and am now into Ning. All of these are great for personal and social sites, but I still think CMS is the way to go for a district. Anyway - any comments here or at Techtwaddle are appreciated.


Rick Biche said...

I have been using Joomla to develop a site for a Career and Technical School Site in New Hampshire. We are not live yet, otherwise I would send a link but it shouldn't be too long. I went with Joomla because of the ease of customization, and end user ease. Development has been a breeze and fit very well into my work flow model. Every time I thought I wouldn't be able to do something I found a way. The only downside I can see at this time is keeping up with module/component updates. But I say that because I am only developing and delivering. The school will handle the site after a transition period and I know how busy the tech guy gets (he is very good, just busy).

khsgdunc said...

We've been using Joomla this school year for my NC Public High School ( Works well since I can invite other teachers, administrators, guidance counselors to post.

Don't worry about updates as much. If there are any CRITICAL updates then you'll need to get to those immediately, but, you'll get an email on those as soon as they are out. Even then, you can do your own updates so long as you're listed as an administrator for the site.

Speaking of modules, third party mods & components make a big difference in usability and content. Take your time in figuring out what works best for you.

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